Several people in my tree have one or more step-parents.  I think I have set these relationships up in Gramps in a logical way - i.e. I have set up 2 families for the child - Family 1 = biological mother & biological father and Family 2 = biological mother and step-father, or vice-versa.

When I run the Database Verification tool this returns the child as having Multiple parents.

Unfortunately the Relationships view does not allow you to see the Maternal or Paternal relationship type and it seems that you have to drill down into each individual family to check this out.

(1) Am I recording these family details "correctly" or is there a better way to do it? 

(2) Is there a way to stop the Database Verification from flagging these step-families as duplicate parents (either at a database or an individual record level)?

(3) Is there a quicker way to check the relationship types when such duplicate parent relationships are flagged?

Thanks for your guidance.