You should use the relationship graph,

As filter you use the entire database. Note that you need to tweak the options somewhat to get the best result when printing many disconnected things.
People print this sometimes on an A0, you find some cheap services that can do that.


2011/3/12 Igor Smirnov <>

I know there are a couple of ways to draw ansestors (pedigree) of a specific person.
But if a database is not finished in particular person, and
there are many branches: childs, childs of childs etc.
There may be persons or families of persons which are not linked
by genealogy with the majority of the rest, but nevertheless
included in a database, as friends or other important figures.
Now there is a simple question: How to draw all of the people included in database
I would like in particular to draw many ~200 people in A3 or even A2 pdf sheets.
How can I do this?
How can I see similar complete scheme as internet page in browser?

Thanks in advance for detailed answers.

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