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2011/1/29 Simon Cropper <>


>> -> NOTE TAB: URL to SPECIFIC PAGE inserted in body of note.
>> This becomes a hyperlink. It would be preferable if an
>> Internet Tab similar to what is available in the Repository
>> Section.

> Does this note contain all the links for all the events that referenced
> the source, or do you have one note per reference?
> I assume the link is a duplicate of the entry in the source references

> object of the event (above).

There is a 1:1 relationship between an EVENT OBJECT and SOURCE OBJECT.

This is wrong database design.
If one event can have multiple sources, and if one source can be use in multiple events, then the relation is N:M.
This is the reason a relationship object  is needed, which is the source reference. This source reference is the top part of the editor when you open a source from an event. This top part is not present if you just open the source in the source view.