2011/1/16 John Espiro <john_espiro@yahoo.com>
Today I tried to open a gedcom file.  It errors out and a dialog appears
that titled "Error Report - Gramps".

If I click on "Cancel", I expect the report dialog to go away.  Instead,
it re-appears.
If I hit the red x to close it, the dialog duplicates so that I now have
2 dialogs.
If I click on report and then try to report the bug, with the data
provided, it takes me to a page that asks me to login.

That means you have a bug in display code that reoccurs the moment you close the bug dialog, causing an infinite cycle.
May I suggest that since the dev team would like to see bug reports,
that they don't force people to login to their system to do so?  A user
just hit a bug, the last thing they want to do is to have to do _work_
to report it.

Note that the bug list does exist, and you can just mail it without need for registering. You find it in the contacts section, we do not advertise it as bugs outside of the bug tracker tend to be not very useful (no effort needed, so bad reporting, duplicates, not latest version available installed, ...)


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