Svn up, and group as, sort as, display as should work as expected.
Name changes are tricky, so if people use this, then please throw some extra tests at it.

I changed a bit how group as works. Group as is now always using the group as value and never the sort as. It used to use sort as is some corner cases, but that is difficult for the user to understand and seems unlogical to me, so I removed that code.


2011/3/18 Benny Malengier <>

commit 16848 tweaks the name formats. There is a new custom name format and new ways to get to name parts per the new structure.
In effect, for people using the old patronymic definition in name format, best use the new predefined name format.
A large translatable string changes like this.

I notice that sort as and display as are no longer doing what they must after all changes. I intend to reenable now the functionality as this is a regression:
1/ sort is on the sort as name
2/ display is as the display name
If anybody has ideas on this, let me know. Probably the new views are not really made with this in mind, so some changes might be needed...