2010/9/28 Peter Landgren <peter.talken@telia.com>

I'm working on using Gramps on Win with non ascii usernames.

This works well now, but there is a strange side effect:

The first 138 translation strings, sent to gettext,  goes to a line in ggettext.py:
return unicode(pgettext.gettext(msgdid))

This is an entry of encodings into Gramps, so we convert to unicode to be sure we work internally in Gramps with unicode strings.

>From this I assume that the real translation should take place in pgettext.gettext,
but that code is never called.

Yes, no matter what, gettext does the translation. The new gettext class retrieval of strings returns unicode by default I think, but these basic methods not.

The rest of the translations strings are translated OK.

Most of the first 138 strings emanate from programs is src/gen/lib.

I can't see how my patches could influence this?

Any ideas?

Remember that Josip did a lot of magic for gettext to work properly, by searching the correct dll's on windows. 
If you add a print statement, I assume not only the first 138 strings go there, but all of them, no?



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