A Debian package would be wonderful.  If you've already started on a man page, that is great as well.  I haven't written a man page in quite a few years.  I could probably add to it in the future.

There is one outstanding bug that I have since fixed (dealing with merging and date ranges).  If there is a concensus among the people on the list, I would make a quick 0.1.5 release, and this could serve a starting point for the .deb.  Otherwise, we could just release a 0.1.4 .deb.

I would definitely like to put the .deb file on the website.  (Is that how it is done in Debian, or does everyone just apt-get it from a mirror?)

- Don

P.S. - The merge/date problem is fixed in CVS, if anyone needs it before the next release.

Don Allingham