On 15 May 2001 21:09:44 -0500, Shawn Ann Griffith wrote:
> I just recently installed Gramps and it seems to be a great program.  There
> are three main things that I have found missing (or not working).
> 1.  I currently use Family Tree Maker and imported a GEDCOM file from there
> to Gramps and noticed that any dates that are Bet. Date - Date do not show
> up (the information does, but not the dates) - I have gone through the
> archives of the mailing list and noticed that there will be a new release
> coming out soon. (guess that really isn't much of a problem then huh! heh
Between dates are being implemented now.  The version of gramps in CVS has preliminary support for this.
> 2.  All people that I have notes for the notes do not transfer from the
> GEDCOM to Gramps.  I have noticed that there is a place for the notes to
> go, but they just don't show up.  Is that feature going to be implamented
> any time soon?
Notes should be imported, but I'm still learning the different flavors of GEDCOM.  If you can send me a copy of the GEDCOM you are having problems with, along with a description of a note that is not being imported, I will take a look.
> 3.  I noticed that a few of the reports require that you have OpenOffice or
> they will not even create the report.  Is there any way that you can create
> those reports using another program?  As far as I know (and have been told)
> OpenOffice isn't a very stable program yet (even on their site they talk
> about how it might crash during startup) so I'm not too sure I really want
> to use that (although I probably will).
Reports are also being improved.  OpenOffice is pretty powerful, and provides the full documentation of its file format.  AbiWord and HTML are being supported as well. The output generator has been rewritten and is now fairly generic, so it shouldn't be too hard to target a new system.  It would be wondeful if someone would a KWord, TeX, PDF, or other filter.
> The only reason I ask of these questions is that I am trying to really stay
> away from using windows at all, but until there is a Genealogy program out
> there that can handle importing everything from a GEDCOM file I will have
> to stick with it.  I would be more than willing to help out in any way I
> can, unfortunately I do not know how to do any type of programming.
This is exactly the reason the program was started.  If you don't program, you can help out with documentation, graphics, test cases, ideas, or bug reports.

Don Allingham