On 5/1/07, Dianne Reuby <pramclub@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
I have several people with no known surname (family name), mostly wives
whose birth name is not known, or people from a long way back in the
family tree.

These all appear at the beginning of the People list, with dashes,
question marks, etc replacing the surname. How should I deal with these
entries in gramps?

Hello Dianne,
I do something similar to two other people who answered. Most of mine without a surname are wives. I list them as:

"Sarah w/o John" in the given name field with husband's last name in the surname field.

Most reports read a little stilted but understandable and better than if Unknown had been used. I like grouping them with their husband's family if I cannot group them with their own family much better than using Unknown.