I made a mixup ... by setting a constant on all files, like into Something like:


-plg.gramps_target_version = '4.1'
+plg.gramps_target_version = MODULE_VERSION

It does not break the design for plugin check, 
and it is rather a minor improvement or refactoring!

It avoids any possible typo and provides consistency 
(no alternate quote mark, spacing or whatever style). 

Sure, we could also make:

+ from gramps.version import major_version

+ MODULE_VERSION=major_version

but it is something different because major_version will be no more set into files. So, a change on design!

You will see the warning message (pointed out by Paul), on the first run only.


Le mar. 17 juin 2014 at 19:47, John Ralls <> a écrit :
On Jun 17, 2014, at 10:39 AM, Paul Franklin <> wrote:
I am reassured ... we will be able to do this change, quickly!
Don't forget to change the that John found. Personally, if it were me, I would change it to be like every other file, with an explicit "4.2" in every line, and get rid of that constant, so we don't have to remember to do a special-case change to that file on every major release.
Better yet, change everything to get the version from so we don’t have to this exercise at all. Regards, John Ralls