What I actually meant was: I know (now) that under the "GrampsAIO" group
there are:
GrampsAIO64 3.4.2-1 Console
GrampsAIO64 3.4.2-1
But I think there is also an uninstaller and a readme file (or something
similar) what are they called?
I hope to report exact names when 3.4.3 AIO is available. In 3.4.2, most entries are pretty obvious for users, I think, so I’m not sure whether they need detailed explanation on the wiki. I mean, they’re web links to home page and bug report, and the uninstaller, all perfectly clear.
The one that does need explanation is the one that was named GrampsAIO Env. It opens a cmd window with all the right settings, in a folder that contains a gramps.cmd file that accepts extra options from the command line, so that gramps can be started in debug mode and so forth.
Like Helge, I don’t fully understand what you meant with your comment about console.