Some issues:
1) Run it from the command line and see if there are any other error messages.
2) From the CLI, run "gramps -v" and paste the output in your reply.
3) Has it always freezed in fan graphs?
4) Create a new and "sparse" tree with some junk names, and see if it still freezes.
5) The error window must say *something*...

On 07/23/2014 07:51 PM, Chris Bagley wrote:
Greetings all
I have a problem when running the fan graph.  Gramps seizes up. I am presuming it is caught in a loop somewhere because it puts up an error window, without any details, and when after waiting a reasonable time (hours) I attempt to close it tells me that it is still running and do I really want to close.  Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong here?
Chris Bagley

My word, man!  Don't you know your quantum statistics?