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What about http://www.fosshub.com/?

They seem to have a weird curation model. From their FAQ:

4. How can I add a software?

First of all, you can "suggest" a freeware or open source software that you want to be added to our list. We do not accept shareware software or those infected with malware. If you're a developer of a certain app you will have to answer us a few questions. There's no guarantee that your program will be added on our list.

Yes, I read that too. I found them when I needed an update for the Windows version of FreeFileSync, which incidentally comes with an optional toolbar, through that site. The site looks nice in the sense that they don't have those crappy download now button ads, and above text may just mean that they screen software before making it available. Gramps should get through, I think, and given that a search for genealogy shows no results on the site now, we could be first.