On 01/10/13 23:26, Peter G wrote:
Publication sounds like a better catch all.

I wasn't intending it to be a catch-all.  Most newspaper articles are reporting an event.  A letter to the editor is an example where may not be the case.

I was suggesting a "Publication" event where someone published something, such as a book, article, letter, paper etc...

Examples from my trees.
1 - two articles involving custody issues - while it doesn't provide the name of the minor child, it does provide an age so I used it as part of the birth event.  Since it's within living lifespans I haven't written the private back story as a note, but I should.  A publication event would let me set it at the correct date. 

Such articles probably provide evidence of a court case, which would be the event.

2 - Some WWII newspaper articles mention a cousin being home from the war zone or somebody completing training.  Sort of military service, especially since it mentions promotions, but most of the article is about her service. 

Yes, this would provide evidence of a "Military Service" event.

3 - Mentions of an uncle who played football who was well known at the college level and briefly known as part of the NFL.  Publication would definately help tie the newspaper articles to a time & place with a note plus image.

If they were a professional footballer then this would provide evidence of an "Occupation" event.  I suppose if it was a report of a particular match, you may want to record this as a separate event.

This reminds me that I have used "Apprenticeship" and "Retirement" as event types.