I'm running ubuntu 13.04 and i remember that it takes me time to make geography run. But I follow the indication in this page
libgexiv2 must be 0.6.1
and osmgpsmap ***must be***** the Github version (no other version runs for me)
****very important to uninstall all other versions ******you have of this two elements (libosmgpsmap2, python-osmgpsmap)

of course this is only from my experience on my system 

Le 30/08/2013 19:56, doug a écrit :
On 30/08/13 15:48, Brad Hernlem wrote:
I was about ready to give up on this after following the instructions in
GEP_029 and still failing to see the Geography category in Gramps 4.0.1
even though I was convinced that I had all the requisite dependencies and
packages installed. Going back to earlier version of Gramps returned the
Geography category. But I wasn't content so I tried reinstalling 4.0.1
using GDebi and now it works.

Not sure why, but it works .... so far.



Hope it continues to do so - it's a wizard feature, isn't it!


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