I agree with you, but the ones who actually put in the effort to write the software take a strictly blood approach.  You're more than welcome to try to change their minds... :-)

On 05/30/2013 03:29 PM, b4m wrote:

Is it the case, then, that the relationship calculator will find NO relationship between a step-child and his or her step-parent? If so, I would say that the tool is deficient. They might not be blood relatives, but there remains a relationship, and this might be important to the researcher, for the purposes of linking families.

I can appreciate the narrow view that genealogy is about "blood", but when all things are considered there must be plenty of family trees where the supposed blood relationship is incorrect, due to the "milkman effect". Step/adoptive is not strictly blood, that's clear, but if you are looking at genealogy from a socio-historical rather than a strictly biological viewpoint then it would be useful to have some kind of relationship marker or tag, even if it is not a biological marker.

On 30 May 2013 21:17, Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> wrote:
A question similar to this has been asked before.  The answer is that since
genealogy is about "blood", that Gramps is correct in it's narrow view
regarding questions #2 and #3.

On 05/30/2013 01:42 PM, Eric Fort wrote:
> New to genealogy and gramps but having trouble with gramps calculating
> relationships between people.  It gives a different answer than I think it
> should, but then I could be wrong too.  consider the following cases:
> 1.   2 parents Charles and Dorthy adopt a baby girl, Alice, then have a
> son, Bob, by birth.  I would call Alice and Bob FULL brother and sister TO
> each other as they connect to the same parents, Gramps says, "Alice is the
> stepsister of Bob" or "Bob is the stepbrother of Alice".  I would say that
> Charles is Alice's Father, Gramps says Charles is Alice's stepfather.
> Who's right in these cases?
> 2.  Edward and Charles share a common mother but have different fathers.
> Gramps & I agree they are half brothers, but would not that make Edwards
> Father, Frank, also Charles Stepdad and charles Frank's stepson?  gramps
> says charles and frank are not related, I'd call them
> 3.  Bob's mother Ginny Has a brother Hugo and his wife by marriage is
> Iris.  I would call Bob Iris's Nephew and Iris Bob's Aunt.  Gramps calls
> them not related.  Who's right?

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