You can safely add columns to the xml definitions.  The only important tag is <_attribute>.  This is the name of the attribute that we use to store the data for the column in the event reference object for each person.

The only problem might occur in the future if you choose a different attribute name for a column than everyone else.  I try to make the names consistent between each census.  For the 1901 census I called "E, W or OA" "Work Type".  This would only be an issue if I wrote some kind of utility to export data, manipulate data or migrate it to certificates for example.


On 21/09/12 22:42, Brad Rogers wrote:

This one's probably for Nick Hall:

I've just started to redo my genealogical data, and have decided to use
the Census Gramplet, since it tidies up a good deal of "detritus" that I
have in my current database.  However, I see that the UK1911 listing is
missing three columns that should be between the Occupation and Where
Born columns.

It's easy enough to add them to the .xml file and have them appear in
the gramplet, just by adding this...

            <_attribute>Industry or Service</_attribute>
            <_attribute>E, W or OA</_attribute>
            <_attribute>At Home</_attribute>
	</column> the right place.  The question is, should I be adding anything
elsewhere, to avoid any (potential) adverse effects.

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