On 21/08/12 19:56, Serge Noiraud wrote:
Le 21/08/2012 15:15, Nick Hall a écrit :

Thanks for finding out about this.  It looks like we are free to write our own implementation.

As I said in my previous post, it looks fairly simple to draw the chart.

Are you planning to write a view?  I can make a start on it if you don't have time.
I would. I have no time at this moment.
I will be happy to participate.
You can start the job.

OK.  I'll start work on it tonight.

I'll let you know when I have something working.



On 21/08/12 11:36, Serge Noiraud wrote:
Le 21/08/2012 11:51, Benny Malengier a écrit :
This was a research project, and as such abandoned.
Forum: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/geneaquilts

They claimed they would not mind open sourcing the code. If that is still true, we can convert algorithm to python for use in Gramps.
So, somebody should mail them and ask:
 anastasia.bezerianos@ecp.fr,  Pierre Dragicevic  dragice@lri.fr, Jean-Daniel Fekete
jean-daniel.fekete@inria.fr, Juhee Bae jbae3@ncsu.edu, Ben Watson bwatson@ncsu.edu

Paper with details: http://hal-ecp.archives-ouvertes.fr/docs/00/53/29/.../geneaquilt.pdf