On 20/08/12 21:35, Jesse Meyer wrote:
On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 1:40 AM, Serge Noiraud <Serge.Noiraud@free.fr> wrote:
I look at this a few month ago.
I asked to the geneaquilt developer's the specifications. I'm waiting for any come back from them.
The problem here is the language used by this project : java
This project is only available in binary mode and the sources are not available.
Some part of this project are unclear.

I was looking at that the other day.  Does gramps already use a python library for drawing primitives?

You will need to use Cairo graphics.


The Timeline Pedigree View is probably the best code to look at for an example.   Make sure any new code can be easily converted to Gtk3.

Writing an experimental view to simply display a quilt chart should be quite easy.


Reverse-engineering the algorithms used should be possible.

-- Jesse

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