Hi everyone,

I did'nt use gramps for few months, and i just tried to update my database.
After an xml export, I updated my gramps to 3.2.0-1, but I have problems with my places now.

I saw that the format has been changed, and that I can use "place completion tools" to update my places.

Bur when i install it using "help / plugin manager", the install seems working

(this is the log:
Examine 'PlaceCompletion/PlaceCompletion.gpr.py'...
   'PlaceCompletion/PlaceCompletion.gpr.py' est pour cette version de Gramps.
Installation de 'http://gramps-addons.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/gramps-addons/branches/gramps32/download/PlaceCompletion.addon.tgz'...
   '/home/joel/.gramps/gramps32/plugins/PlaceCompletion' enregistré

But nothing appears in
'Tools > Utilities > Interactive place completion'
as explained in the web page

Someone can help me?

Thanks !