Spanish usage frowns upon unnecessary capitalization.  In current usage, neither months nor weekday names are capitalized and words in titles are not capitalized unless they require it on its own.  However, the first letter in a sentence should be capitalized, e.g. if a month name begins a sentence, then it should be capitalized.

So title() on the month name works, but so does capitalize().  But title() on a whole date string would not work, while capitalize() probably would if used only for dates that begin a sentence.



2007/10/31, Douglas S. Blank <dblank@cs.brynmawr.edu>:
Peter Landgren wrote:
> Doug's new Birthday Report looks good to me.
> However, the months are still not shown with capital letter first.
> januari should be Januari (in Swedish).

Thanks, Peter!

Anyone know what is the proper way to show a month name as it would
appear as a title (eg, initial capital letter in some languages)? Of
course one can:

>>> GrampsLocale.long_months[month_num].title()

but, I suspect that won't work in lots of languages. Is there a better way?


> However, when I ran GRAMPS in English I still get Swedish names for the months
> and all other text in English.
> /Peter
> Peter Landgren

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