Hi all,

I'm new to GRAMPS (and in fact to genealogy in general), and I have to say first that the program has blown me away. Great work.

Now the problem. In exporting my family tree with in the form of the 'Narrated Web Site' (which I'm very impressed with in general), I think I've found a little glitch in the handling of PDF media objects.  It would be ideal, of course, for GRAMPS to add a download link to the media index and to whatever sources it was attached to. As it is, PDFs don't show up at all on the media index. That might be fine by itself, but—here's the actual glitch—the source pages they're linked to think a media page exists, and link to it by way of a non-existent PNG file. So all the source pages attached to PDFs have dead links on them.

Any way around this? Is it something on my system, or in the template? In fact, are the HTML templates for the Narrated Web Site lodged somewhere accessible on my system, that I could tweak it? (I have some suggestions on that front, but I'll leave them for another day.)

Many thanks,

-- Brian