I have just installed Gramps 3.3.1 into Ubuntu 11.10.
The users manual states:
Toolbar: The toolbar is located right below the menubar. It gives you access to the
most frequently used functions of Gramps. You can set options that control how it
appears by going to the menu Edit ->Preferences . You can also hide the toolbar
entirely by going to the menu View ->Toolbar
There is no Tool Bar and no Edit. There is what I suppose is a Menu Bar which has icons for "Open Clipboard Dialog", "Open Reports Dialog", "open Tools Dialog", etc. It id directly below the title.
How do I get the Tool Bar to display.
I need to import information from a GEDCOM file however incomplete it may turn out to be.
In the manual I found this:
  1. In Gramps, choose the Family Tree icon in the toolbar, or in the menu Family Tree->Manage Family Tree, to open the Family Tree Manager. Create a new Family tree, give it a good name, and click on the Load Family Tree button to open.
  2. Now that a Family tree is loaded, choose in the menu Family Trees -> Import
But I do not find any of these items.