On 27/10/11 09:23, Benny Malengier wrote:

2011/10/26 Nick Hall <nick__hall@hotmail.com>

I have now removed netbook mode.  The sidebar and bottombar now have
their size set proportional to the screen size.

The sidebar is set to 25% of the screen width.  The bottombar is set to
20% of the screen height.

Should you not set a maximum? An iMac screen is really huge...


The problem I have is that there is no specification for this change.  I also have a very limited set of resolutions that I can actually test with.

I have set the maximum sizes to 400 pixels.

I hope that there are some people with netbook resolution (1024x600 or 800x480) and high resolution screen that can test this for us.



Most gramplets will look good and work well with a sidebar width down to
225 pixels.  This means that a 1024x600 resolution should look good, but
800x480 will be cramped and scrollbars will start to appear.

Bottombar gramplets are design to run with a 200 pixel height with a
standard photo size or a 120 pixel height with small photos.  The
gramplets will automatically pick the smaller size for lower
resolutions.  Again this means that a 1024x600 resolution should look
good, but scrollbars will appear for 800x480.

Users using high resolutuion screens may get a sidebar and bottombar
bigger than before.

Let me know what you think.



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