Example of string in pot file:
msgid "%d broken child/family links were found\n"

It should be replaced with this couple:
msgid "%d broken child/family link was found\n"
msgid_plural "msgid "%d broken child/family links were found\n"

Than I would be able to translate:
msgstr[0] "Najdenih je bilo %d prekinjenih povezav med otrokom in družino.\n"
msgstr[1] "Najdena je bila %d prekinjena povezava med otrokom in družino.\n"
msgstr[2] "Najdeni sta bili %d prekinjeni povezavi med otrokom in družino.\n"
msgstr[3] "Najdene so bile %d prekinjene povezave med otrokom in družino.\n"


On Jan 24, 2008 10:11 AM, Benny Malengier <benny.malengier@gmail.com> wrote:
Can you please provide an example of english text you have problems translating, indicating what the problem is?


2008/1/24, Bernard Banko < beernarrd@gmail.com>:
I am new to this mailing list and unfortunately I can't code. I am doing
a translation of gramps and I mis the possibility to use proper plural
forms. As I think that the problem is at the source level, I wonder if
there's a possibility to change the code accordingly until the 3.0 is
due. I don't know what exactly is to be done there to give to the
translators the possibility to use msgstr[0], msgstr[1] and so on. How
is the plural problem dealt in russian translation? (Шура ?) ;-)
Thanks for comments.

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