I have separate Role and Status fields in my model so I use the Status field to indicate this sort of situation.
A similar situation occurs on a marriage certificate. There may be evidence of the bride or groom's father, which has to be recorded, but it may also say "deceased" in brackets so they obviously weren't present. Using Role=Father and Status=Deceased then this is OK.
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I'm trying to think of how to record information for people who don't appear directly in records, but who likely or certainly had to be some place.  For instance, I have head of household censuses for one ancestor which I've recorded as census events for him.  As this was in the 1840s, his wife had to be one of the people in the household (there's a count of women in the household), but that's something implied rather than recorded.

I'm thinking of added her to the event with a role such as "Implied".  But I don't know what the drawbacks of that approach are.  Some reports won't include the event/person combo because of the non-primary role.  Has anyone tried this approach?

What other methods of recording this sort of thing could I use?


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