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From: Howard Close <howard.close@googlemail.com>
Date: 2008/5/6
Subject: Re: [Gramps-users] (no subject)
To: Duncan Lithgow <dlithgow@gmail.com>

2008/5/4 Duncan Lithgow <dlithgow@gmail.com>:

On Sun, 2008-05-04 at 09:29 +0100, Howard Close wrote:
> Trying to migrate from Legacy under Windows to Gramps v3 under Ubuntu.
> In the past have kept Legacy as my definitive data source but with
> ever improving Gramps hope to transfer fully to Linux.
I'm sure you can if you keep at it.

>  Problems:- 1. How can I re-order the children of a marriage by birth
> dates?
Where? In the Relationship View? Family View, a Rapport... I'm guessing
that what you want can be done by moving them up and down by clicking
and dragging. That order will then be respected everywhere.

In Relationship View. Still can't make this work. Clicking on a child (or sibling) simply makes them the "focus" individual. I frequently have children out of order e.g. when I find an older child who has left home on a later census. Do I really have to delete all children of the marriage and then re-enter them in the correct order of birth??  

> 2. Can I change the details of the standard place dataset from a US
> base to a UK base i.e. rather than have the fields as street, city,
> county, state, country change them to street, district, city, county,
> country?
Assuming you don't want to re-write the code of gramps, you can't. We've
discussed ways to make this possible. Please tell us how Legacy handles
this issue.

> I would further like to add an Ordnance Survey ref rather than Long.
> Lat. to specify the exact position of the place.
Sorry, can't help you there. Anyone?

Regards, Duncan
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Legacy allows customisation at start up -  the place dataset contains, I think, 10 fields with US based refs - similar to gramps fields. The set can be renamed ( indeed all sets data can be changed in the same way ) and each field renamed. There are also user defined "spare" fields - which I use for Ordnance survey UK grid reference. The reason I like this is that it is based on kilometre square grids which allows a very simple calculation of distance between two points  (although conversion to lat long co-ordinates is much more problematic for someone like myself who has no special expertise in maths).
When I return from holiday I will play around with the suggestion of producing a en_UK.po I have read through the Translation pages of the wiki and will have a go.