I agree that editing a wiki is an above average user thing but reading a wiki is easy. their UI doesn't have to be nerdy and cluttered they just need to have someone managing them. Especially the main pages users interact with like intro, download, install, etc. heck if one really hates the cluttered ui html could be used to create most of what the new site looks like. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:HTML_in_wikitext. Sorry I'm a big proponent of wiki but I certainly hear your arguments as most projects wiki's have been allowed to go to seed. just a difference of opinion.
-- aarons

I respectfully disagree. An average user shouldn't even need to know
the wiki is there until they hit something they can't work out - and
we want to make their life as easy as possible until then.

The new look has even more text than I would go for, but it's a better
entry point to gramps than the wiki in my opinion. Wikis are
inherently nerdy things which get cluttered, that's my view after 8
years of editing wikis and trying to convince new users that they are
user friendly - they are not inherently user friendly - but are great