I run pylint via command line.

eg, pylint -E *.py # or filename # or '*.py */*.py */*/*.py */*/*/*.py'

I also added a simple script for running pylint via my IDE.

Note, it seems that there was also a bug on pylint around gi.repository (reported under Fedora20/RedHat/bugzilla). So, I am upgrading to '1.2.1' version, too.

Le jeu. 8 mai 2014 at 23:25, Josip <josip@pisoj.com> a écrit :
How to run pylint on Gramps? I see "gramps/*/*/*.py" on bug report, should i use that. With "pylint gramps/*/*/*.py" i get score 3.85/10 but don't see errors you mentioned in bugs report. $ pylint --version pylint 1.2.1, astroid 1.1.1, common 0.61.0 Python 2.7.6 (default, Apr 29 2014, 07:48:08) [GCC 4.9.0] No config file found, using default configuration Tested on Windows with gramps-4.0.4-5230f89 p.s. You can set environment variable GI_TYPELIB_PATH to handle custom gi repository.
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