Ubuntu 12.04 and related (I am also using a distribution based on ubuntu 12.04/debian) is not really designed for running gramps 4 because many OS 'core' libs are oriented gtk2 or pygtk.

There is no friendly way for having gramps 4 under Ubuntu 12.04 & Co.

Anyway, it is possible ...
See https://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=GEPS_029:_GTK3-GObject_introspection_Conversion

I am using gtk 3.6, and I suppose that Ubuntu 12.04 and many others related distributions based on it (ppa envionment) are still providing gtk 3.4, which should also work fine. gtk 3.10 having some specific issues.

pygobject 3.3.2 seems to also have specific issues.
I am a little bit lazy for installing version 3.4 of pygobject which should fix them (in theory). # most are related to rows extension and TreeView.

Note, there is no friendly way...
You will have to switch between your local (eg, /usr/local) installed environment (python, pygobject) and the default one (eg, /usr/share/gramps).
Once stable, you will be able to either run gramps 3.4.x or gramps 4.x under Ubuntu 12.04! 

As said no friendly way (running via CLI and environment variables)...
    but possible!

Hope this could help.

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I wanted to give the new Gramps 4.1 a try. I removed my old version and downloaded the new one and installed it using the install script for the .deb package. When trying to start Gramps I get an error that at least pygobject version 3.3.2 is needed. I'm running Bodhi Linux 2 it's built on Ubuntu 12.04. Can someone tell me how to upgrade the pygobject version? Better yet is there a ppa for Gramps with the needed files? Thanks, Kim ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Open source business process management suite built on Java and Eclipse Turn processes into business applications with Bonita BPM Community Edition Quickly connect people, data, and systems into organized workflows Winner of BOSSIE, CODIE, OW2 and Gartner awards http://p.sf.net/sfu/Bonitasoft _______________________________________________ Gramps-users mailing list Gramps-users@lists.sourceforge.net https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/gramps-users