I am trying to list new features into 4.1.x against 4.0.x.

I suppose that "git diff" could be useful for that (I have two local branches named gramps41 and gramps40).

    $ git diff --stat --color gramps40 gramps41

First, I can see some 'special' paths like:

gramps/gui/editors/displaytabs/ | 2 -
 gramps/gui/editors/displaytabs/ | 5 +-
 .../gui/editors/displaytabs/ | 2 -
 .../gui/editors/displaytabs/ | 21 +-
 gramps/gui/editors/displaytabs/ | 7 +-
 gramps/gui/editors/displaytabs/ | 132 -
 gramps/gui/editors/displaytabs/ | 49 -
 gramps/gui/editors/displaytabs/ | 101 +-
 .../gui/editors/displaytabs/ | 43 +

Should we not try to use a common root base (gramps/) and do not have inconsistency with relative paths? Anyway, this is maybe cosmetic, isn't it?

Now, I can see where we have most changes, but this does not give a list of new features yet.

    $ git diff gramps40 gramps41 > diff.txt 
generates a 82Mo file ...

$ git help diff 
returns a lot of arguments/options, but this can takes a while since I find a nice one...

Any help with a command line sample could be welcome!