Doug et al., 

Thanks for the positive feedback related to my working on the manual. Regarding the below, let me clarify and redirect my inquiries and thoughts a little.

First, I was concerned about the fact that my replacing the images for screenshots would have an effect on the images for previous versions of the manual and for the manual's different versions. I had wanted to use some scheme that would make use of my new images distinct from the previous images in case these images are used in previous manuals and make the images easily found for anyone working on other language versions. However, in proceeding, I have realized that all the images really need to be replaced at once for the sake of consistency. Additionally, I see that the manual subdivisions, chapters and the figure numbers used for images within the chapters do not correspond and are in some places muddled and inconsistent and in others they simply conflict.

Your responses have helped me determine that what I probably should do is just make all new images and then produce a template or document that shows what the new image names are and how they can be incorporated into other language versions if desired. I do not have a clear naming scheme other than naming the screenshots as they are titled within Gramps and incorporating the version number of the program they are taken from. However, I'll make sure this is consistent going forward.

Regarding Backup/Archive/Export, it sounds like the backup function needs some work regarding feedback and overwrite warning. I'll monitor bug #4779 and proceed after that is worked out. However, could someone give me a rundown of what the 'make backup' function is doing exactly? It it making a GrampsXML  file or package? What's the difference? How does one restore a backup? If there's a 'Make Backup' option, does there need to be a 'Restore Backup' function? Does this option save one's Gramps preferences?

Regarding the Name Editor functions, they are currently covered in the manual here:

I did some editing of this to correspond with the new interface and I've changed the screenshot already, but as noted, this needs attention from someone more familiar with it. If anyone wants to look at it and simply respond with what need to be changed or explain it to me better, I'll be happy to deal with the manual if you prefer not to.

Let me apologize now for what are sure to be further ramblings of this sort related to mundane manual questions in the future.

Greg Lamberson
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From: Doug Blank <>
To: Greg Lamberson <>
Sent: Thu, March 24, 2011 5:33:29 AM
Subject: Re: [Gramps-devel] Questions related to working on the 3.3 Manual

On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 10:45 PM, Greg Lamberson <> wrote:
> Hi,
> As part of my self-indoctrination process, I'm going through the 3.3 English
> manual carefully to improve its readability, make sure it's reflective of
> what the user actually sees, and to generally make sure I'm thoroughly
> familiar with things.

Excellent way to contribute, and learn! Very useful at this point, too.

> The following questions have come up so far during
> this process:
> 1. Screen Shots: Should I redo all the screenshots to maintain uniformity in
> the manual or continue my practice of merely replacing the ones which have
> changed? It's starting to look rather inconsistent. Is there a naming
> convention for screenshots? I could not find one and have been making my
> own.

Others that contribute to the manual will have to weigh in on this.
The manual has been evolving from a hardcopy version, to what we have
today. So it is probably time for a step in that evolution. What is
your naming scheme?

> 2. Backup, Archive, Export: Was the manual written before "Make Backup" was
> a menu item? This option is not mentioned in the manual (at least in the
> obvious places), and instead the export to xml/pkg option is mentioned as
> the preferred method to secure data before upgrading. If "Make Backup is
> still not the preferred option, it should at least be mentioned. Right now
> the absence of this option within the documentation is confusing, especially
> with the export and archive methods also being mentioned.

This one I can answer: yes, the Make Backup is new, and should now be
highlighted as the preferred method of backing up. People should also
test this functionality as well. (I noticed that it didn't seem to
give feedback on status, and didn't warn on overwrite... just reported
as #4779).

That is another function one could perform: make sure things work, and
feel free to suggest refinements on new (and old) features.

> 3. Name Editor: I did my best regarding the changes in the Name Editor, but
> this section needs to be looked at by someone with more familiarity with
> these options just to make sure it's correct and complete.
> If I'm jumping the gun here on someone, I apologize. I'm just trying to jump
> in here and learn and get up to speed the best I can.

Yes, needs to be looked at from the technology viewpoint, and also the
human understanding perspective.



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