Nice work Zissis. I don't like all of it, but most.
Thank you Benny

some points:
1. Please don't use 7z, it is not installed by default on linux, don't know of other OS. Just use zip or gz, so people can click it and it opens.
Sure, I'll see to it.

2. Who is that lady?
She is Laura Harring, an actress. Beautiful isn't she? :)

3. Facebook here to stay... Hmm, don't use it, so I can deny that :-)
True, many people don't use it. Nevertheless, it is a trend.



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Nice work Zissis. I don't like all of it, but most


some points:
1. Please don't use 7z, it is not installed by default on linux, don't know of other OS. Just use zip or gz, so people can click it and it opens.
2. Who is that lady?
3. Facebook here to stay... Hmm, don't use it, so I can deny that :-)


2012/10/15 Zissis Papadopoulos <>


I have finally completed the translation of Gramps in Greek and I can now proceed with some ideas about our website, as we have discussed earlier. In view of the forthcoming release of Gramps, I feel I can contribute towards this direction.

Here we go…


A. The ‘Features’ tab in our website.


The ‘Features’ tab, instead of actually presenting the program’s features, it is offering a summary of how Gramps helps you organize and analyze your family history by giving a brief description of each View (Gramplets, People, Realtionships, etc...). This helps the potential user to understand the basic aspects of the program. That’s not bad at all, provided there is also an actual features list.


I have made an effort to identify, from a marketing perspective, Gramps’ U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition). Our unique selling proposition is what makes our software stand out from the crowd and tells our potential users what is special about us.

Here’s what I came up with:


Why use Gramps? (10 good reasons)


Free and Open Source

Gramps is a free and open source, community project. It is freely distributable under the GNU General Public License which means you can freely use it, copy it, share it and even change it. Did we mention it’s free?


Full Unicode support

Language is not a barrier for Gramps. Whatever script you use Gramps offers full Unicode support. In other words, characters for all languages are properly displayed!


Rich set of tools

Gramps offers a rich set of tools. Research and analysis tools such as event comparison, finding duplicate people, interactive descendant browser, relationship calculator, data filtering, as well as tools for checking the database for errors and consistency.


Powerful graphs

With Gramps you have remarkable control over the produced graphs. You can define the family lines or even the individuals you want to include to portray relationships and you can create complex diagrams in the desired size and orientation, depending on your particular chart printing needs.


Wide variety of reports

Graphical reports can present complex relationships easily. Text reports such as individual and family reports as well as detailed ancestral and descendant, kinship, database summary and anniversary reports are amongst the many available options. You can combine them into a single ‘book’ format. You can even export your family tree to a fully operational web page in a snap and share it with your relatives!


Translated in many languages

No Speaka da English? No problem! Volunteers have translated Gramps into more than 25 languages.



Gramps’ open architecture allows the use of addons to give you more tools to work with your genealogy data. There are plenty of third-party plugins to enhance the program’s functionality which may not be officially part of Gramps. Find the right ones for you or make a feature request to the developers.



Are you a Linux user? Gramps works with whichever desktop environment you prefer, be it Gnome or KDE. Are you a Windows die-hard fan? Or maybe a Mac aficionado? No problem! Gramps is the only true cross-platform genealogy application.


Pro’s and hobbyists

We strive to produce a genealogy program that is both intuitive for hobbyists and feature-complete for professional genealogists. There is a plethora of features, tools, fields and reports. It is only up to you how deep you will ‘dive’…


Community support

Gramps is a community project, created, developed and governed by genealogists. It is supported by a large genealogy community from all over the world. You are encouraged to report bugs and request enhancements to Gramps. Be a part of our community!


I propose to place the above paragraph titled “Why use Gramps? (10 good reasons)” in the ‘Features’ page (tab) in our website, followed by the existing paragraph, titled “Focus on Your Research”.



B. A new page (tab) in our website…


Our objective is to produce and maintain a fine genealogy program because genealogy is our passion. Having achieved that to a great extend, I think we might as well also try to enhance the “fun” side of our website, spice it up a little bit. Make it more appealing to the average Gramps user (or potential user).


I propose to make a new tab, called Extras (or Goodies, or Fun stuff, or whatever…). It would be a place where Gramps users could find some fun stuff of their beloved genealogy program, such as wallpapers, facebook timeline covers, logos, etc…

The material found here, could also be used by anyone who would like to i.e. write an article about Gramps (press-kit).

In detail:



Our favourite Gramps trompe-l'œil in several popular dimensions:

1280x800, 1440x900, 1680x1050, 1920x1080[HD] and 2560x1600


Facebook timeline covers

Facebook is here to stay, no one can deny it… I created a couple of timeline covers for the users to choose from, according to their liking…

And a last one, not meant to be available for download to avoid law issues, for all of us to enjoy ;)
(I will certainly use it in my fb cover...)

Gramps banners

So you want to place a Gramps link in your website? Great! Here are two banners to choose from:


Gramps Advertisement

A Gramps ‘Ad’ based on the “Why use Gramps? (10 good reasons)” list, to be used as promotional material [full-page, print version].

Maybe the next article covering Gramps could use that ;)


Gramps logos

Personally, I have always appreciated websites offering their official logo for download. I prepared two versions, for both the official Gramps logo and my proposed logo for GrampsConnect: One to be used on dark backgrounds and one on light backgrounds (in .svg and .eps).

[The GrampsConnect logo was designed so that it can be used in harmony along with the official Gramps logo]


Gramps Cartes Postales

Something completely redundant, which I had fun experimenting with… :)

https://d Don't know who that lady is by the


Gramps cafe-press link

As I said earlier, this will be the ‘fun’ page, so…



To be continued…





Gramps unofficial marketing consultant :)

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