Can anyone help me with this?

---- On Mon, 04 Feb 2013 09:49:42 +1100 Pat Lefebre<> wrote ----

SVN write request instruction has been updated on wiki

Thank you for providing SVN write access, I will mention on the list when I have committed.

Does the file need to be updated to take into account the Gramps Locale changes?

When I Initilize the addon: ( GRAMPSPATH=/home/pat/svn/gramps-trunk/ python init HtreePedigreeView ) I get the following output in the terminal:

Generating C format header file for translation.
can't open ./HtreePedigreeView/*.glade: No such file or directory at /usr/bin/intltool-extract line 212.
Generating C format header file for translation.
can't open ./HtreePedigreeView/*.xml: No such file or directory at /usr/bin/intltool-extract line 212.
xgettext: error while opening "HtreePedigreeView/*.glade.h" for reading: No such file or directory
xgettext: error while opening "HtreePedigreeView/*.xml.h" for reading: No such file or directory

Is this normal? I have checked and intltool's is installed (Xubuntu 12.10).

Building the archive ( GRAMPSPATH=/home/pat/svn/gramps-trunk/ python build HtreePedigreeView ) works and creates a HtreePedigreeView.addon.tgz  file with the correct content (two files only no subdirectories)


PS: Attempting to create a listing give the following error.

pat@pat-xubuntu1210VirtualBox:~/svn/gramps-addons-trunk/contrib$ GRAMPSPATH=/home/pat/svn/gramps-trunk/ python listing
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:52:16: invalid multibyte sequence
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:76:11: invalid multibyte sequence
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:79: missing `msgstr' section
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:79:16: syntax error
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:83: missing `msgstr' section
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:83:12: syntax error
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:87: missing `msgstr' section
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:87:24: syntax error
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:96:10: invalid multibyte sequence
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:100:10: invalid multibyte sequence
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:123:8: syntax error
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:123: keyword "Copyright" unknown
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:124: keyword "Copyright" unknown
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:127: keyword "Footer" unknown
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:128:11: invalid multibyte sequence
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:131: keyword "Subtitle" unknown
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:135: keyword "The" unknown
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:139: keyword "The" unknown
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:140:15: invalid multibyte sequence
SourcesCitationsReport/po/de-local.po:143: keyword "The" unknown
msgfmt: too many errors, aborting
Building listing for 'en'...
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 320, in <module>
    local_gettext = get_addon_translator(gpr,
NameError: name 'get_addon_translator' is not defined

---- On Sat, 02 Feb 2013 20:22:32 +1100 Benny Malengier <> wrote ----

Doug or Jerome,

Can you give Pat access to gramps-addons, and check then all is ok after his first changes?

Pat, what is your sourceforge login? We need that to give you access.

And that link should just be to mentioning to write one of the admins of the project for write access. Unfortunately my login starts with b, so I guess most people will write me, while I'm not really that current with the current state of gramps-addons.


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