I just added a quick screenshot for the person view of 4.0.2 to bug report 0007238.
the screen shot shows a horiz scrollbar in the bottom gramplet pane but no horiz scrollbar for the list of persons in the view pane. HTH


On Sunday, November 24, 2013 4:03 PM, Helge.Herz <Helge.Herz@web.de> wrote:
Sorry, I don't understood where the missing horizontal scrollbar should
appear (may be it's my bad to understand all information right). I would
appreciate to see a bug tracker issue having a screen shot  for better
A first quick check without any deeper background using my 4.0.2 Win
package (http://sourceforge.net/projects/gramps/files/Unstable/ - it's
also running on 32 bit Win) I get horizontal scrollbars in every case I
do expect one (e. g.: Person View list). But as told before: May be I
can't imaging the circumstances to get the same effect as sturdy.

  - Helge

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