Hi Alain,

Here is how I reset unity: 

That did return the horizontal scrollbar except to gramps 4.02 upper view pane as I mentioned before. I get the same behavior in both unity and gnome-shell. I find the Nautilus horizontal scrollbar also appears after the unity reset when the window is narrowed almost completely so this is a different issue probably specific to Nautilus. As Benny mentioned earlier these are probably GTK3 conversion issues not yet properly configured.


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Le 10/11/2013 18:09, Bob Sturdevant a écrit :
Well, partial success.
With ubuntu tweaks ?
See the attached screenshot. I played with the various tweaks but no joy. I reset unity and some (?) scrollbars are now back but Nautilus horizontal is still missing and Gramps is partial. The upper people view pane is still missing the horizontal scrollbar but it is present in the bottom pane. This is obviously beyond my level! Thanks to all for the assist.
How do you reset unity ?

What do you use ? Unity or gnome-shell ?

I use gnome-shell, and before tweaking it, under gnome-shell, I always had unity scrollbars.
As I'm using 12.04, I can't be sure it solves the problem.

In your case, I should first tweak before uninstalling these unity packets.
Perhaps install again and tweak after ?

Not sure.


Alain Aupeix

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