Glad to help where I can...I'm still learning and this stuff ain't easy.

I'll try again to build those modules when I get a chance. They are not important to me at this time since I still use 3.4.5-1.


From: Tim Lyons <>
Sent: Monday, September 9, 2013 7:38 AM
Subject: Re: [Gramps-devel] Possible bug in Source View Column Configuration

Fixed in gramps40/trunk revisions 23062/23063 respectively. Didn't work with
displaying date and confidence.

sturdy wrote
> I just SVN up my gramps40 to 4.0.2-r23052 (ubuntu 13.04) and attempted to
> display all columns in every view. However, in Source view I get the below
> error when I click on the Citation Tree icon on the toolbar. I can submit
> a bug report if needed.

Good test, thanks for doing that. (No need to raise a bug!)

sturdy wrote
> Also, I am forwarding the entire command dialog since there are three
> modules that do not load. I assume these are not yet complete.

The modules don't load because they use non-distributed software (not sure
if that is exactly the right term). (i.e. bleeding edge). So, you have to
build the modules as described in the links.


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