thank you for reply extra information: Enno Borgsteede, Ron Johnson
i'm not programtor or hacker, but good information code.
for Ancestry app is very cool interface but full check from server ancestry, this is not good for privacy freedom..so ALWAYS ONLINE for create and edit delete..
now i try ezgeo viewer.. i will reply later.

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Oggetto: Re: [Gramps-users] GRAMPS for ANDROID when?

> One or more of these circumstances exist: None of the developers
> 1) has yet seen the need to port it to Android.
> 2) have the time to port it to Android.
> 3) know Java.
> 4) are willing to convert Gramps from Python to Java.

Well, you can strike out 3 and 4, because you CAN run Python on Android.
Check: http://code.google.com/p/python-for-android/ and
http://code.google.com/p/android-scripting/ to see how.

But the other 2 still exist. I simply upload my tree to Ancestry, and then
use their app to view it on my phone and tablet:


IMO, it has a nice and clean interface, and as far as I can tell it will
probably work in places without internet, because it downloads trees before
they are shown, and it can sync when needed.

And if you don't like Ancestry, I recommend the ezGED Viewer:


It's more work, because you need to download your GEDCOM file to your phone,
and it's just a viewer, but I like its interface.

And with these tools available, I don't see a need to port Gramps either.



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