For women whom I don't know the maiden name, but do know the married name use regular case Lastname instead of Woman MAIDENNAME or Son LASTNAME. 

If I don't even have that it's son #1 of PERSON; or wife of PERSON


From: J. Allen Crider <>

I'm interested in how other Gramps users handle surnames for people with
no surname or for whom the surname is unknown.

I've been following the practice in the data I was given as a starting
point several years ago when I began working on genealogy, which is to
use "?" for the surname for people that the surname is unknown (usually
women whose maiden names are unknown) and leaving the surname blank when
there is no surname (mostly European royalty).

The only problem this has caused me is that when I generate a Narrated
Web Site, the only way to access data for people with no surnames is
from the Individuals page (which takes a long time to load because there
are over 35,000 people in my database) or from other pages that have
links to them.

Allen Crider