Hello everybody

I began using Gramps last year on version 3.2.4. Today I would like to continus my works on gramps.

First, I would like to install the lastest version for Windows XP
I read in the documentation there are a 3.3.1 Portable and a 3.3.1-2 AIO.

My first question is : what are the differents between these both package? the Portable version is it a full version? What are his limit?

Secondly, Is it possible to upgrade my old version 3.2.4 to the lastest version (portable or AIO)? I read that to upgrade my gramps I must export my database in XML export, uninstall my old gramps, install the new version and import my XML.
Is there a full compatibility between the XML export 3.2.4 and the XML import 3.3.1?

Thanks in advance for you answer.