Dear sirs

I am trying to set up my family tree, so please bear with me as a "newbie", and have met the problem of how to handle divorces.   Having read your FAQs and Tutorial I found the guidance shown below.  This seems logical and accurate but if a divorce is to be treated as the same as a death then shouldn't the divorce details show in the Relationship View (and possibly other views I have not yet encountered) as do the marriage details? The full history would then be seen.

If this is a stupid question from a Learner then I apologise for wasting your time - I have searched in many places to get an answer but could not find one.  I look forward to your response and, hopefully, an easy resolution.

Many thanks

Jim Dickin

How do I represent a divorce?
I want to indicate that two people are divorced, yet GRAMPS does not have a Relationship type of Divorced. How do I represent this?

GRAMPS does not consider Divorced to be a relationship type. Instead, it is an event that terminates the relationship. If two people are divorced, it does not change the fact that they had a relationship type of Married. Divorce, like Death, is one way in which a marriage is terminated. Just as the death of a spouse does not change that fact that two people were married, a divorce does not change the fact that two people were married.

So to represent a marriage that ended in divorce:

  1. Create a family
  2. Add both spouses
  3. Set the relationship to Married
  4. Add an Event of type Divorce