That would be great!  I recently updated through DAG from gramps-2.0.11-1.el4.rf to gramps-2.2.5-1.el4.rf and gramps would not load.  I got a slew of error messages so just reinstalled the old one :(

I will need to probably update some dependencies, but yum update did not add or list them.


On Sat, 2007-03-10 at 18:23 -0500, Gerald Britton wrote:
in 2.2.6 there is a media tool to let you do string replacement.  So
if I have media objects with "/my/media/files" and I want to change it
to "/your/media/files" I can do it in one go using this tool . This is
probably what you want

On 3/10/07, Marlaina Barr <> wrote:
>  I have three grdbs I want to combine into one by importing one to the
> other.  But when I do, the media paths won't work and I'll have to manually
> change the media paths for each media thing.  I have over 300 in each of
> them so it will be an ardorous task.
>  For instance, one grdb and it's corresponding media is in my directory
> genealogy/DATABASES/Settle
>  That directory has my Settle.grdb and 300+ media files
>  another I want to combine is  in my directory genealogy/DATABASES/McKnight
>  Same deal.
>  I want to create a new directory
> genealogy/DATABASES/Settle-Mcknight and have all my media
> files and the new grdb in it.
>  I hate to have media sources in different directories.
>  With the old .gramps system, the media files were in the database and there
> were no path problems.
>  AND when I imported my old .gramps databases into the new .grdb ones, My
> media files lost their names and were replaced with numbers such as
> 00005.gif.  For instance my file 1800.Census.Holdeman.gif became 00005.gif.
>  This makes identification slow for them.   I am manually replacing those
> numbers with the names they originally had.
>  Another problem I have is probably due to the way I am inputting source
> files.  When I add a source, I click on the gallery tab in the source
> editor.  Then select a media object from my files.   This way I can add
> notes to the media object through the media editor and those notes will not
> be visible when I convert it to a gedcom and upload it to a web site. They
> will be for my own personal use.   If I add my notes to the source editor,
> those notes show up.  But when I export to a gedcom to send my entire
> database to someone, the media files are not there.  Just the sources with
> no reference to media paths.  So if I send all the media files to someone,
> they won't know which goes with which source.
>  With 10,000+ names and sources already in 8 databases, major changes will
> not be possible.
>  Any suggestions with any of these problems?
>  Marlaina Barr
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