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Olympus support

  • Redy Rodriguez
    Redy Rodriguez

    First of all, I'm sorry, my English is too bad.

    A good friend that have a Oly E300 made some patches to gqview. Now, as I tested, can visualize E300, E400 and E500 .ORF raw files. It does not work well with E1 raw files.

    The patch is at http://www.mediamax.com/redy/gqview-oly.patch

    Apply it over gqview 2.1.1 or 2.1.2

    cd /where/is/the/source/of/gqview-2.1.2
    patch -p1 </where/is/the/patch/gqview-oly.patch
    make install

    The patch is not mine, but I have permisiion to use and distribute It. Thanks to Jose Blanco.

    To John Ellis: Feel free to use it, as is, or modified as you want, in new releases.

    Gqview is an excelent viewer!