Problem with thumbnails

  • The code for thumbnails needs to be improved to include a check of the timestamp on the original image file so that the thumbnail can be updated properly.  Here is an example of the problem:

    Given the files:

        xx.01.jpg  xx_02.jpg  xx_03.jpg

    If you manually rename/renumber these files to:

        xx.02.jpg  xx_03.jpg  xx_04.jpg

    Then the cached thumbnails for xx.02.jpg  and xx_03.jpg will not be updated and will continue to display the old, now incorrect thumbnails.  There is no simple way to get these thumbnails updated without doing a wholesale update of all thumbnails.  There should be options to clear the thumbnail cache for the given folder and the "render thumbnails for a specific folder" option should be able to force the recreation of existing thumbnails to address this problem.  However, the code should really be updated to always check the modification times of the thumbnail against the original file and automatically update the thumbnail if the original file has a later date, indicating that it was modified in some fashion.

    • Following up to my own message, what I should have said is that the change time (ctime) of the image files need to be compared to the ctime or mtime of the thumbnail in order to be able to pick up changes to the filename in addition to modifications to the file contents.