gputils 1.3.0 released

gputils-1.3.0 has been released. The source code package is available at Windows 32bit setup package is at

gputils 1.3.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • Expanding the listing option of processors.
  • Added the missing CONFIG2 DEBUG file definition in some pic12f inc files.
  • The gputils can be compiled with newer versions of bison and flex.
  • French translation of gputils/man/fr/
  • inc and lkr files are synced with MPLABX 2.10

For detailed list of changes see the ChangeLog file.

If you find regressions or other bugs, please report them to the bug tracker on SourceForge. Feel free to give feedback on the gnupic mailing list.

Unfortunately this Borut is no longer could to publish.


Posted by Molnár Károly 2014-05-17