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GpuMathLib 0.1 RI codebase released

The GpuMathLib_0.1 reference implementation codebase has been released on sourceforge, read the full article for a description of what it does, what it doesnt, and where its going!

You can now download and inspect the GpuMathLib Version 0.1 from sourceforge by heading over to the projects main page at:


Version 0.1 is more a set of utilities used to test for gpu dependencies, set the gpu up for math co-procesing and clean things up when its done. Currently we rely on Cg code to do the actual processing, though that will slowly be removed. We also currently rely on Glew in order to make the library as cross-platform capable as possible, and a standalone version of Glew is included. ... read more

Posted by jahshaka 2004-12-11