#620 Android: Redesign functions UI

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Jyrki Kuoppala

Would be good to take a good look of all of the (non-Settings) UI for Android and redesign it for nice looks, consistency and easa of usability


* access to functions would be intuitive, and a manual or a help screen wouldn't have to be consulted to know how each function can be accessed
from touch screen
* wouldn't have to leave the map for accessing functions like route to, clear route
* functions would be accessed via icons which would be easier to understand than the current "*", ">" etc. Many of the icon menu icons could probably be used; show them smaller than in icon menu so they can be used in map screen
* consistent style; current UI has many types of elements with differnt styles & methods

Instead of the current text button grids and various display elements overloaded with sometimes quite non-related functions, would be much easier for a beginning user to have functions in clear on-screen (at the same time as map) icons. Could leave the old UI as on option.

Split-screen function if on should cover more things, e.g. waypoint saving. There should be an easy way to make a window bigger, perhaps a type of generic window system so a text entry or search window could be made bigger but still show a small map.


  • Jyrki Kuoppala
    Jyrki Kuoppala

    Some ideas can be gotten from looking at the screenshots of the map display UIs of various Android OSM programs listed at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Android

    GpsMid does well in the feature comparisons, but the UI graphics & accessibility seems nicer on many of the others.