Chained auto wp to wp routing considerations

  • bedesign2004

    Complementing considerations from the field for suggested chained auto wp to wp routing

    This is in comment for the tracker too, as I could not add it there -

    I think that was a really good suggestion put forward that would take
    GpsMid a major useful step ahead for many more users (like myself)
    experiencing this need when making recurring multiple deliveries/
    visits or planning for a tourist tour ahead -

    1. I'll suggest it would be totally sufficient for most users to begin
       with having the basic functionallity available earlier by having the
       flexible possibility to order the way point index routing by manual
       configuration, most uswers will know and need to set the route
       order manually - as commented:

    " * after the user has selected the way points and selected "as destination",
    present an ordered list of selected way points in which the user can shuffle
    way points up&down"

    2.  Alternatively depending on which UI-controls are available and best
        suited for less advanced phones ? - insert a new way point in-between
        the existing ones in the ordered index, like 'Insert After'

    3.  To decrease the need to shuffle up and down in index, as users would
         typically enter way points in the order they will be visited,
         the menu item: Way points - 'Sorting' -> 'Oldest first'
        is already conveniently there to be used.

    4.  In my practical experience, individual way points in the (loaded)
        'standard' route needs to be disabled/enabled by the user at any
        time (without actually being removed from the 'standard' list of
        the user)

    5.  Also, no manual confirmation for the next route leg to be activated
        should be needed after arrival as there is no time for it in many

    6.  Then as common practice the configured series of way points could
        be saved as collections for 'Named Routes' including the present
        set state of disabled/enabled way points to be retrieved later as
        needed. (then sharing of routes will be possible too)