style-file: ways without bordercolor@Android?

  • fireball4

    On my symbian phone my white colored ways had have a black border color, even without declaration of:

     <borderColor color="00000000" colorAtNight="00000000" />

    within my style-file. I know, very strange.
    Now on my android phone the borders are gone. So I did add the above mentioned line within my style-file like that:

    <Wvalue name = "residential" priority = "10">
      <description desc = "Wohngebiet"/>
      <namekey tag = "name"/>
      <isArea area = "false"/>
      <scale scale="19"/>
      <textscale scale="23"/>
      <lineColor color = "00FFFFFF"/>
      <borderColor color="00000000"/>
      <wayWidth width="5"/>
      <routing with="motorcar" accessible="true" speed="30"/>
      <routing with="bicycle" accessible="true" speed="10"/>
      <routing with="foot" accessible="true" speed="3"/>

    I use android v4.1 (Jelly Bean). Is it normal that no bordercolors where drawn or did I something miss within my style file?

  • sk750

    Way borders are turned off in Display Options by default on Android. You can activate them there but they do not look very nice on Android and they also need quite a bit of rendering time on Android.

  • fireball4

    I see and when I toggle your mentioned option than all highways without an borderColor-entry within my style-file gets a black border, very strange. I would like to have only black borders to my white painted streets, but no borders at my blue painted motorways or red painted primarys. But with that strange behavior of GPSMID I have to define blue (motorway) or red (primary) colored borders, too. So that such linecolored gets no black borders. In this regard I dont understand the behavior of GPSMID.

    However, so I'm thinking you are right. I will toggle my white painted streets to another color than white and shut the way borders down again. It looked strange, when I zoomed out. The linecolors of the streets disappeared when I was zooming out and only the bordercolors where visible, very strange.

    However do you know if dotted or dashed lines are possible with android? Would be nice, e.g. for elevation ways. I have tested <lineStyle dashed="true" /> at some ways, but with no success?!

  • fireball4

    Btw is it possible to define different font sizes for different elements, e.g. name of cities bigger and districts smaller? I have not found something in the style-file wiki.