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#27 Add support for 16F887 and 18F4455

Roy Rankin

How difficult would it be to add support for these two processors?

Altough I'm no expert C++ programmer I might try to add support with a little guidance.


  • Roy Rankin
    Roy Rankin

    I have looked at the 16F887 and found it has yet another variant for ADC. So far I have seen 5 variants of ADCON0 and 4 of ADCON1. I am looking to see if I can put together a more unified approach to ADC.

    In the SVN, gpsim already has the 18F4455. However, this processor supports USB which is not included in the gpsim support. If you understand, or can learn, the USB protocol I invite you to try to add USB support for this processor.

  • I would also like the 16f887. How difficult is it to add a processor? Can it be added through modification of an existing processors module? I am willing.

  • Roy Rankin
    Roy Rankin

    In many cases, you can find a similar processor, copy it and modify it or use it as a base class. I encourage anyone who feels they have the skills to give it a try. However, the 16f887 has several features such as extended PWM and a slightly different ADC not currently supported in gpsim. I have been working on the 16f88x processors family, and in a few days time I will commit what I have done, although not complete and some features may not work. It will be several weeks before I can do any further work on it.

  • Roy Rankin
    Roy Rankin

    I have added the 16f88x family to the gpsim svn. I still need to do an audit of functionality and enhanced PWM auto-shutdown mode is not yet supported. Please report any other issues as bug reports.



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